Social anxiety is a serious mental disorder. Having social anxiety feels like hell whenever you need talk in front of people. Imagine how terrible it is when your salary depends on how well you’ll speak at your next business meeting. Fortunately, there are perfect jobs for people with social anxiety. Jobs where the amount of time you’ll be talking to other people is always at a minimum. (1)

Here are some jobs perfect for people who hate talking with other people:

Writer/ Blogger

Do you ever wonder why movies always portray writers as loner individuals? Well, it’s because most of them are. However, it is not because they inherently hate being around other people. Instead, it is more of an occupational hazard. Being a writer requires tremendous amounts of concentration and focus, both of which are hard to muster when other people surround you.

Pet Sitting

Social anxiety is mostly due to the fear that people you interact with will judge your actions. You won’t fear judgment from someone if they can’t talk, right? This is why pet sitting can be a perfect job for you. Not only will you rarely speak to humans, but you also get to enjoy the judgment-free companionship of a loyal house pet.

Landscaping Jobs

The popularity of landscaping jobs is making a comeback. Working as a landscaper of a gardener involves very little interaction with other people. Being the expert in your field, you will not need to ask the homeowners too many questions. Hence, you’ll have all the quiet time you want arranging pots and plants.

Freelance Graphic Artists

Just like the writer, being an illustrative artist requires a lot of focus. Hence, they need to spend huge amounts of time alone to help their creative juices flow. A bonus point for those with social anxiety is that freelancers are often only contacted by their clients when they need a job done.

Nature Photographer

Just as the title says, nature photographers are people whose jobs are to take photos of Mother Nature. Being a nature photographer means traveling to secluded places. However, it is quite dangerous to be done entirely alone. So it is best to bring at least one or two companions to keep each other safe.


For those who love crunching numbers but hate talking to people, bookkeeping may just be right for you. Not to be confused with accounting, bookkeeping is solely recording and organizing the transactions of the client. With modern technology, bookkeeping is becoming more and more of a “stay at home” job. Hence, further reducing the number of hours bookkeepers interact with other people.


Janitors often come into play when people have left. This means that they often work alone without having to deal with customers. However, do not underestimate janitors, as some of them make more money than some white collar jobs.

Web Developer

Creating beautiful and functional websites requires just as much creativity as a writer or a painter. Besides form asking your client about the specifications they want, there are only a few things you need to talk to people about as a web developer.


Are you the type of person who likes making money but is afraid of talking to clients? Then being an e-entrepreneur might just be perfect for you. E-entrepreneurs are owners of online shops known as an e-commerce store. The best thing about having an online shop is that your website is the one that needs to do the talking, not you. (2)

Stay At Home Parent

Being a stay at home parent is one of the hardest but most rewarding jobs that exist. Although you’d occasionally have to interact with other people such as during schools meeting, being a stay at home parent means you mostly only have to talk with your children.

Having social anxiety can make it very difficult for people to find jobs that do not scare them. Regardless, the occupations mentioned above can be stepping stones for them to recover from their anxiety. Hopefully, they can one day be strong enough to face their fears and get any job they wish.


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