With our focus on building careers and making money, we often overlook essential things like our physical and mental health. The rising prices of medicines are not helping us feel better either. Hence, we end up with so much stress and emotional baggage that often lead to anxiety or depression.

Luckily, some alternative medicines may help us recover from anxiety. One of the most popular alternative medicines today is tapping. With this article, we shall discuss what tapping is and how we can use tapping for anxiety.

What Is Anxiety?

Almost every person experiences anxiety on a daily basis. It is the sensation you feel when you think that something terrible may happen or not go according to plan. However, anxiety disorder, on the other hand, is a more persistent and often more severe form of mental disorder.

Anxiety is a mental disorder that is characterized by extreme fear or worry. It is a group of different psychiatric diseases such as generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety, various phobias, and separation anxiety. Anxiety can be due to stress or trauma. It can also be due to biological factors such as hormonal imbalances, genetics, and more.

It can sometimes interfere with the patient’s daily lives resulting in lower productivity and further stress. Some may also experience panic attacks that render them incapable of doing simple routine tasks. People suffering from anxiety disorder must visit a psychiatrist to prevent it from worsening or progressing to other mental disorders. (1)

What Is Tapping?

The concept of tapping is fairly new in the world of alternative medicines. However, it is based on the thousands of years old Chinese concept of “chi.” Tapping first came to light after its discovery by American psychologist Roger Callahan. His predecessor, Gary Craig, then refined it to its current form.

It is an alternative medicine that aims to give emotional and physical relief by utilizing our body’s energy meridian points. According to proponents of tapping, energy meridian points are points in our body where tremendous amounts of energy pass through.

The patient performs tapping by pressing these points which help stimulate the flow of energy and improve our healing capabilities. Any person can master it without any help. Thus, it is a good option for people who cannot afford hospital bills or visit a psychiatrist. (2)

Can I Use Tapping For Anxiety?

The basic technique in tapping requires that a person focuses on a particular negative emotion. While doing this, he will then need to use his fingertips to tap on specific points on the body. It is crucial that the patient focuses on resolving these issues while doing the tapping. Tapping on these points can help a person restore the balance of their energy or “chi.”

According to supporters of tapping, anxiety is one of the mental disorders that tapping can easily address. By following the step by step procedures of tapping, they claim that anyone can get over their anxiety without having to take medicines or undergo lengthy consultations.

There are currently no scientific studies that support the idea of using tapping for anxiety. However, it can be a good place to start if you suddenly find yourself anxious. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you visit a doctor if you experience any of the signs of anxiety disorder.


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