Anxiety affects at least 250 million individuals worldwide. Because of this, it is one of the most common mental disorders around the globe. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity or finances to get the proper treatment they need. Hence, many are forced to look for other alternative solutions such as daith piercing for anxiety. (1)

What is Daith Piercing?

Daith piercing is a unique form of piercing on the innermost cartilage of either ear, particularly the crus of the helix. The piercing procedure usually requires the use of a hollow needle. Curved barbell and bead rings are often the jewelry of choice of daith piercing enthusiasts.

American piercer, Erik Dakota and a Jewish client of his first performed the procedure back in 1992. The client was the one who named the unique piercing as “da’at” which means knowledge in Hebrew. The reason, according to her, was that the complexity of the procedure requires a very smart and knowledgeable piercer.

The procedure can only be done using a special needle that was Erik Dakota designed. Daith piercings’ popularity grew rapidly most especially after it Fakir Musafar mentioned in the Body Play Magazine. Its popularity has likewise reached beyond aesthetic purposes. People have started to claim how they’ve benefitted by using daith piercing for anxiety.

How Can I Use Daith Piercing For Anxiety?

Daith Piecing applies the ancient knowledge of acupressure or acupuncture. The acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that is said to help the flow of chi or energy in the body. Acupuncture experts do it by piercing specific points in the body with needles to help “unblock” chi gateways inside the body.

Dr. Paul Nogier, the father of modern ear acupuncture, claims that there are three important points in the ear. These points are Shenmen or the stress-relieving point, Point Zero or the calming and grounding point, and, finally, the tranquilizer point which induces relaxation. To use daith piercing for anxiety, an expert piercer must target the Point Zero.

No scientific studies have yet proven the effectiveness of daith piercing in reducing anxiety. According to Cleveland Clinic, a hospital located in Cleveland, Ohio, no previous or current medical research has ever been able to support any relationship between daith piercing and anxiety or migraines. They also said that any benefits from the procedure are most likely due to placebo effects. (2)

What Is Placebo Effect?

A placebo is a substance, procedure, action or anything that a person perceives to be effective medical treatment but isn’t. Any benefits that a person receives from placebo treatments are often due to their own body, particularly the mind, giving them a sense of relief. Placebos are most effective against mental disorders which may be the reason why many people claim that they feel better when they use daith piercing for anxiety.


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