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What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is a psychological condition that promotes excessive fear and anxiety when an individual separates from a familiar environment (home), or from people he has an emotional attachment to. It is a part of the normal developmental process in children. Separation anxiety is strongest around the age of nine and thirteen months after children have begun associating their home environment and their parents/caregivers with safety and familiarity. Thus when separated from their parents or both the child feels unusual levels of distress about the situation. The condition begins to subside after the age of two when a child...

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What Is Separation Anxiety in Children?

Separation anxiety is a part of the normal developmental process in children. It’s perfectly fine for a child under the age of 6 to be anxious and fearful about separating from their parent or caregiver, to whom they are emotionally attached. However, if the symptoms intensify beyond what’s healthy or if the condition persists beyond the age of 6 then it’s possible that the child may have separation anxiety disorder. Separation anxiety disorder can prevent children from performing activities that are normal for their age like developing and maintaining friendships with their peers. School absenteeism increases and academic performance...

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What is PTSD?

Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disorder that develops after a person experiences or witnesses a traumatic event such as, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, combat, a car accident, sexual assault, or any other life threatening event. Usually, most people will recover from their trauma after a few weeks or a few months. But in some cases, people relive their trauma through flashbacks and nightmares months or even years after it has passed, which makes completing everyday tasks difficult. They may experience fight or flight responses when they’re not in any immediate danger. The disorder can even destroy a...

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What Is Adult Separation Anxiety Disorder?

When you think about separation anxiety disorder you most likely associate it with children. But there’s now evidence that the condition is also present in adults. In adults, the condition causes an irrational feeling of anxiety and fear when a spouse or loved one is out of sight or has been out of contact for a relatively short period of time. Psychologists are actually contemplating adding the condition to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. About 1/3 of children suffering from separation anxiety disorder go on to be adults suffering from the disorder with these adults accounting...

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What Are PTSD Dogs And How Do I Obtain One?

PTSD dogs are service dogs that are specifically trained to help their owner deal with the symptoms of their PTSD. PTSD dogs can be bought from certified service trainers. Their training includes: Learning to recognize and disrupt repetitive and harmful behavior. Learning to fetch items for their handler. Learning to guide their handler away from stressful situations. Learning to remind their handler to take their medication. They can be very useful for veterans suffering from PTSD as a result of traumatic combat experiences. PTSD dogs can reduce the anxiety of being out in public spaces by preventing people from crowding...

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